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We offer various carpentry services to homeowners within the Blue Mountains, Little Hartley, Lithgow and Penrith including: Renovations Projects, Decks, pergolas and much more


Our carpenters have years of experience handling various commercial projects for businesses around the Blue Mountains and Sydney including cladding, interior fit-out, and much more.

Maintenance and Strata

Working together for log time with different reals estates to fix any problems fast they need it 


Hardwoods and Composite

Harnessing the natural beauty and resilience of hardwood, our decking solutions offer unmatched durability and longevity. Each board is carefully sourced from sustainable forests, ensuring an eco-friendly choice for your project. Whether you prefer the rich warmth of mahogany or the timeless elegance of teak, our wide range of hardwood options guarantees a deck that exudes sophistication and charm. Discover the transformative power of Mountains Carpentry’s hardwood decking and elevate your outdoor living experience to new heights.

Frame Design

Timber and Steel

From a fire proof steel or aluminium frame up to a elegant hardwood structure

Open Plan Living

Bigger or versatile spaces. Gyprock and plasterboard

Interior fit-out plays a very important role in the representation of our lifestyle, who we are, what are our requirements, and most importantly our interests and behaviors. Mountains Carpentry is trying its best to provide you with the best interior fit-out services currently in the market and the designers are skilled enough to convey the personality of a person living in that space. With the help of highly qualified and skilled specialists and creative hands, the process of doing the interior fit out of your building becomes very simple and easy. So if you want our services for your interior fit you have to hire one of the interior designers from Mountains Carpentry. People normally have a lot of ideas about decorating the interior of their building but they are not aware of how to carry them out and implement them and that is the main reason for hiring an interior designer for your interior fit-out. Designers from our company have proper communication skills so that you can discuss your concepts and ideas about decoration or modifications of your interior and by doing this the company will be able to provide you with your desired services.

Interior FitOut

Windows, Doors, Skirting board and Architrave


Timber, Metal or Fibre Cement

You can use different types of woods for cladding your building but timber cladding and James Hardie Cladding gives the best finish and level of protection to your building. Our company deals with these two types of cladding and for the convenience of customers, they can customize their cladding according to their needs. For timber cladding, you can select from a range of both treated and untreated woods provided by us and this type of cladding can be used in your buildings for internal as well as external applications. The other cladding that our company offers is James Hardie Cladding. They have a wide range of commercial and residential building materials and cladding is one of them. Their cladding requires less maintenance and is easy to repair.

Cladding Katoomba

Timber arches and Fences

Picket Fence and Hardwood Fence


Interior Design


Timber and Steel

Privacy Screens

Hardwood or Composite

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